We provide certified construction advice, project planning, and estimates as well as project management or assistance. All the help you need to finish your project by yourself as well as the expertise you may want to do the work for you are all right here!

Project Planning Designed for people who have a desire to complete their project on their own, but who need help getting started.
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Project planning begins with putting your concept or idea on paper in the form of plans and detailed specifications. From there a budget can be developed by gathering bids from qualified contractors and establishing where materials and equipment can be purchased. An allotted time frame will then be developed for the project. The project will then be handed over to the homeowner to complete on their own.
Steps for Project Planning

1. Meeting with Carpenter Associates to discuss project.
2. Carpenter Associates will determine if project is feasible, falls within desired budget guidelines, and will then establish the general time line of project.
3. Carpenter Associates will determine if architect or engineer will be necessary to create plans.
4. Develop specifications and plans
5. Gather bids from qualified contractors and material suppliers.
6. Create a detailed budget based on bids.
7. Schedule a sequence for the project.
8. Owner is now ready to complete project by contacting contractors and suppliers.

Problem Solving Construction projects are rarely problem free. Whether it is a subcontractor scheduling problem, threats to the budget by damaged or shortage of materials, or unforeseen structural or aesthetics problems,
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Carpenter Associates has the experience and ability necessary to assess the project’s problems along with the desires and intentions of the owners to find the right solution. There is usually more than one way to overcome a “problem.” We will improvise and adapt, and at the same time stick to budget, follow codes, maintain structural integrity, project function and desired expected aesthetics.

Project Management and Assistance Carpenter Associates will manage your project to the degree you specify.
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We are able to manage the day to day operations of your project, adhering to a concise time table and budget, as well as overseeing and coordinating all subcontractors. We are able to meet with the owner weekly to review project progress, contract and contractor review, and assist in schedule updating. We can advise, suggest a course of action, answer questions, problem solve, assist in planning, and periodically assess your project for necessary budget adjustments. The amount of time and level of involvement will ultimately be determined by you, the customer.

Code and Structural Requirements Carpenter Associates is an ICC (International Code Council) certified Residential Building Inspector and Commercial Building Inspector.
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We can help determine if a project will meet relevant codes. We can also assist in determining structural constraints and requirements of any project. Answering questions about code and structural requirements early in the project can help determine the feasibility and whether the project will fit into the overall projected budget.